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Closing the gap for long-acting family planning methods

By Matthew Arcilla, @ArcillaMatthew

One of the parallel sessions at the 7TH APRCRSHR focused on programs that address unmet needs for family planning and reproductive health services, particularly for the underserved and/or poor people living in remote areas.

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#7APCRSHR Day 3: General Conference – Third Plenary Session with Anzaira Roxas

#7APCRSHR Day 3: General Conference – Third Plenary Session
Anzaira Roxas, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines

Third Plenary Session
Track 3: Sexual and Reproductive Rights in ‘ordinary’ or non-crisis settings and during humanitarian response: Good practices, issues and challenges

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Beyond 2015: Future targets for SRHR

by Matthew Arcilla, @ArcillaMatthew

On the last day of the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights, development partners spoke about SRHR initiatives in the region and how they will be lending their support.


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Your community, your health: Formal and informal health systems discussed in the Second Plenary Session

by Matthew Arcilla, @ArcillaMatthew

The second plenary session at the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (7th APCRSHR)on 23 January discussed the role that education, attitudes, practices play in good SRHR. In particular, what is the role of formal and informal health systems? The issues and challenges presented by governance, health facilities, health financing, health information, regulations and human resources were also explored.


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#7APCRSHR Day 2: General Conference – First Plenary Session with Jeross Aguilar

#7APCRSHR Day 2: General Conference – First Plenary Session
Jeross Aguilar, Trustee, International Planned Parenthood Federation
Chair: Pilar Ramos-Jimenez

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Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz talks about #7APCRSHR

The Philippine Society of Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurses (PSORHN) was one of the organizations that participated in the Youth Steering Committee of the 7th APCRSHR. Thanks to their efforts in tandem with the other organizations present at the conference, the event was a rousing success.


Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz of PSORHN was present throughout the conference, actively contributing his time and energy as part of the event’s on-site medical team. He talks about the conference and PSORHN’s experience there on his blog:


Keep the #7APCRSHR torch burning!

Prioritizing maternal and neonatal care: A report on MNCHN programs and services

By Matthew Arcilla, @ArcillaMatthew

The third day of the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health (APCRSHR) saw discussions on good practices for different RH elements. One track focused on Maternal, Neonatal Child Health & Nutrition (MNCHN) programs and services. Various speakers explored the quality and access to services for mothers and children, and how they fit into the bigger picture of health care provided by government and private institutions.

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