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Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz talks about #7APCRSHR

The Philippine Society of Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurses (PSORHN) was one of the organizations that participated in the Youth Steering Committee of the 7th APCRSHR. Thanks to their efforts in tandem with the other organizations present at the conference, the event was a rousing success.


Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz of PSORHN was present throughout the conference, actively contributing his time and energy as part of the event’s on-site medical team. He talks about the conference and PSORHN’s experience there on his blog:

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Feature Stories at the #7APCRSHR – Youth Scholars Night

What happened at the #7APCRSHR Youth Scholars Night? Check it out!

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Video Booth at #7APCRSHR – Princess Manzon from the Philippines

Princess Manzon is a Reproductive Health Advocate.

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Video Booth at #7APCRSHR – Nheyshiel Grace Salalila from the Philippines

Nheyshiel works with the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines. She has this to say about sexual health.

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Video Booth at #7APCRSHR – Umme Mahbuba from Bangladesh

“They want to finance boys, not girls,” says Umme Mahbuba from Bangladesh

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Video Booth at #7APCRSHR – Shambvani Poudel from Nepal

What do participants think about sexual health? Reproductive health? Adolescent sexual health? Why is it important? Delegates speak up in the Mulat Pinoy video booth.

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Emee Lei Valdehuesa at the #7APCRSHR video booth

Emee Lei Albano-Valdehuesa talks about sexual health in the Philippines

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