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Citizen News Service coverage of #7APCRSHR

CNS logo Jan 2014 copy purpleCitizen News Service, one of Mulat Pinoy‘s partners for the social media coverage of #7APCRSHR, was on hand during the conference to provide its own coverage of sessions. CNS Managing Editor Shobha Shukla and correspondent Swapna Majumdar wrote several articles, which were disseminated through extensive international media outlets: Asian Tribune; The Island, Sri Lanka; Weekly Blitz, Bangladesh; Asian Sentinel; South Asian Mail; Pakistan Christian Post; Brunei Times, Brunei Darussalam; Modern Ghana News; World News Network (WNN); Elites TV, USA; Bihar and Jharkhand News Service (BJNS); Media For Freedom, Nepal; News Blaze, USA; The Mangalorean; OpEdNews, among others.

The articles were also disseminated through the official conference twitter handle, the conference blog, CNS social media channels, and other platforms such as ITPC, SEA-AIDS listserv, and so on.

The articles may be found here:

Break the silence around cancer

‘Change the Girl’s Journey and Change the World’

Using social media to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights

Long road to justice and equality for LGBTI people

One visit and vinegar diagnosis for cervical cancer

Despite challenges, reproductive and sexual health services reach many in need

Laws mirror moral values of ‘colonial era’, not SRHR reality!

‘Miles to go’ before we achieve universal access to SRHR services

‘Sexual and reproductive health issues do not exist in isolation’

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies Can Transform Women’s Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: A distant reality?


Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz talks about #7APCRSHR

The Philippine Society of Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurses (PSORHN) was one of the organizations that participated in the Youth Steering Committee of the 7th APCRSHR. Thanks to their efforts in tandem with the other organizations present at the conference, the event was a rousing success.


Nurse Andrei Dela Cruz of PSORHN was present throughout the conference, actively contributing his time and energy as part of the event’s on-site medical team. He talks about the conference and PSORHN’s experience there on his blog:

Keep the #7APCRSHR torch burning!

The Manila Challenge: A Call to Achieve SRHR for All

The official text of “The Manila Challenge: A Call to Achieve SRHR for All” has been released! The complete statement can be downloaded here:

7th APCRSHR – The Manila Challenge

The concluding paragraph of the statement sums up the message as follows:

“This is a world of conflict, crisis, and persistent inequality and it is common for governments to cite other priorities ahead of SRHR. Missions of rescue, rehabilitation, and programs of development must address SRHR as core elements, without which all other investments are diminished. For this reason, We CHALLENGE all governments, civil society organisations, and religious institutions to demonstrate respect for SRHR by acknowledging SRHR needs of all people in all contexts now and into the future.” 

Youth Fair: Sexual orientation and gender identity

By Matthew Arcilla, Reporter, @arcillamatthew

Tuesday’s Youth Conference saw delegates from all across the Asia Pacific region discussing achievements and challenges facing issues related to sexual and reproductive health for the youth. Tushar Malik (Twitter: @QueeredOut, India) and Rizky Murdiono (Indonesia) directed attention towards the issues facing LGBTQI individuals.


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Youth advocates zero in on hot SRHR issues

By Janina Santos, Reporter, @JaninaSantos54

Young delegates of the 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (#7APCRSHR) Youth Conference exchanged ideas with experts on issues regarding SRHR in a talk show-format plenary session. The discussion focused on the relationship between SRHR, education, health, and employment and livelihood. Mario Balibago and Emee Albano-Valdehuesa of the Youth Steering Committee hosted the event.

Talk Show at the Youth Conference Plenary Session

Valdehuesa and Balibago with Justine Sass and Jecel Censoro


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Bangladeshi and Philippine orgs champion women’s and children’s rights

By Nicai de Guzman, Reporter, @NicaiDeGuzman

At the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive Sexual Health and Rights (#7APCRSHR), presenters of social enterprise initiatives discussed and proposed solutions to issues of women’s and children’s rights.

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